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3D Laser Scanner

The Riegl LMS-Z420i is a fully portable, high performance long-range 3D scanner specially designed for rapid acquisition of high-quality images even under highly demanding environmental conditions. The system provides data which lends itself to automatic or semi-automatic processing of scan and image data to generate products such as textured triangulated surfaces or orthophotos with depth information. Ideal for mapping the intertidal shoreline and detecting, monitoring, and quantifying coastal changes.

For data examples, click here.

range up to 1000 m @ Laser Class 1
- high laser repetition rates for fast data acquisition
- multiple target capability
- repeatability up to 4 mm
- portable, rugged and robust design
- field of view up to 80° (vertical line) x 360° (horizontal frame)
- intergrated TCP/IP data interface, wireless capability

*System specs taken from the Riegl web site


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