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Sidescan Sonar

The SFML operates several independent sidescan sonars: a "traditional" towed EdgeTech 260TH dual-frequency (100 & 500 KHz) system, Reson 7125 & 7111 SeaBat multibeam sonar-based systems, and a SWATHplus 400kHz Interferometric system. The EdgeTech sonar can generate very high resolution (10-20 cm) imagery throughout the continental shelf depth range (1-300 m), while the Reson systems performs best in depths <150 m. The SWATHplus Interferometric system operates at several frequency options depending on water depth. Data acquisition and visualization for the SWATHplus sonar utilizes SWATHplus SWATH Processor software. Data for the other systems are displayed and recorded using a Triton Imaging, Inc Isis Sonar data acquisition system with optional real-time mosaic generation. Processing and mosaicking of backscatter data is accomplished using GeoCoder software (proprietary FPI). Sidescan sonar mosaics are interpreted and classified via visual and algorithmic methods to delineate and quantify substrate and habitat patch areas.



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