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Hydrographic Survey Vessels
The R/V Harold Heath is a custom-modified forty-six foot Hatteras fishing yacht.
[vessel specs]

The R/V VenTresca is a custom built, shallow draft, 35 ft. aluminum hydrographic survey catamaran. [vessel specs]

The R/V MacGinitie is a 30 ft. trailerable survey vessel for use anywhere along the US West Coast.[vessel specs]

Multibeam Bathymetry
High-resolution bathymetric mapping.
[more info]
R/V Albatross
Custom-designed SeaRobotics Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV).
[more info]

R/V Kelpfly
Modified JetSki system with sonar mount.
[more info]

Marine Laser Scanner
A vessel-mounted mobile marine LIDAR system for collecting high-resolution coastal features data (intertidal shoreline, offshore rocks and pinnacles).
[more info]

Sidescan Sonar
Digital mosaics and substrate classification from acoustic imagery.
[more info]


Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
Georeferenced and quantitative video mapping of seafloor habitats and communities.
[more info]


SeaBotix LBV 200L ROV
Standard MiniROV system with added vertical thrust and stability capabilities.
[more info]


Sub-bottom Profiling
Full spectrum sub-bottom chirp profiling for determination of seafloor sediment and rock layer thickness.
[more info]
Sediment Grain Size Analyses
Automated particle size distribution analyses [particle counts, diameter, and areas with volume and weight representations] for habitat mapping and ground-truthing.
[more info]
GIS Analysis and Image Processing
GIS layering of raster and vector products, quantitative habitat classification, 3-D rendering and fly-throughs, GIS/video data fusion, with results on CD-ROM.
[more info]
GPS Base Station Data
Trimble reference station (TRS) GPS base station data [more info]
SFML Data Library
Access to SFML data via an HTTP download page. Data are organized by survey location/project and data type.
[download here]


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